Seph is a Combatant Beast that can be selected as a starter in New Game.

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A Seph.

Evolution Chain Edit

Seph has an alternate evolution chain, which means he can evolve into two champions, but only one legendary.


Sydra Syngard


Upon hatching as a Seph, it is a melee Combantant. His basic attack is a bite, but he also comes with the special Poison Spit. This special has the Seph spew an acid ball from its mouth at its opponents, which is affected by gravity. If the acid ball hits the intended target, it does no damage but instead inflicts the Poison debuff, which does damage over time based on the Seph's Intelligence stat. Seph's stats are in the middle of the starters. However, he has 1 lower Intelligence then the other starters. In my opinion, he has the best special of the starters.

- Upon evolving into Sydra, he changes completely, becoming a ranged Combatant. His basic attack is now spewing a purple shot of poison, which is much larger then the acid ball from the Seph form, however it does not inflict the Poison debuff. His special has it spit another poison dart which looks like the basic attack, but green. It behaves the same as the acid ball, but is not affected by gravity.

Stats Edit

LV 1: 70 HP, 12 ATK, 4 Strength, 6 Agility, 4 Intelligence LV 2: 82 HP, 18 ATK, 4 Strength, 6 Agility, 4 Intelligence LV 3: